No Poverty

We promote economic opportunities for our employees to support their monthly income.

Zero Hunger

We are working with a food engineer to provide improved nutrition for our employees.
Our target is to minimize our food waste; we plan to help the animal shelter in our region.

Good Health & Well-Being

We made an arrangement with private hospitals to enable Full Check-up services at a 30% lower cost.
Our target is to send all our female employees for breast cancer screening on March 8th, international women's day.

Quality Education

We promote lifelong learning opportunities for our employees through frequent training.
We support the Turkish Education Foundation, which funds the education of young people.

Our target is to financially support our employees with children enrolled in kindergarten or university.

Gender Equality

Our target is to empower the female workforce by providing access to skills such as forklift licenses.

Clean Water & Sanitation

5 April 2023

Affordable & Clean Energy

We utilize LED lighting to consume 3% less energy and lower CO2 emissions from electricity production.
We equipped our weaving facility with new air-conditioning filters that allow us to consume 10% less electricity.

Our target is to increase substantially the share of renewable energy in our energy consumption by 2030.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We implement health and safety measures and promote supportive working environments according to international standards.
Our target is to extend maternity leave to 18 months.
Our target is to extend paternity leave to 10 days.
Our target is to extend compassionate leave to 5 days for immediate family members and 2 days for distant relatives.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

We constantly search for the most complete solution to manage innovation and continuous improvement while achieving efficient and sustainable production.
Our target is to award our employees who develop environmental and occupational safety plans and strategies.

Reduced Inequalities

80% of our quality control department consists of women employees.